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Presentation Slides

We’ve finally been able to get presentation slides pulled together! The links below are provided by our speakers, so if anything breaks, please reach out to them directly. ūüôā

WordCamp Photos & Feedback Survey Results


First up: We’ve got photos! You’ll find them in the photo gallery. Special thanks to Mike Day from The Art of Weddings, our afterparty photobooth team at¬†FunPhoto, and additional thanks to Shanta for contributing some great shots.

View the photo gallery.

Secondly: Feedback survey results are in!¬†Here’s what we’ve learned:

  • Venue is great, but distance from the city core is a big challenge.
  • T-shirt design was awesome.
  • Streaming is awesome.
  • Schedule timing was good.
  • Gluten-free, vegan- and diabetic-friendly food is a must for next year.
  • Bring back juice/bottled water as an alternative to fillable water bottles.
  • Provide more transparency into how sessions are chosen.
  • Get speakers to post slides in advance whenever possible.
  • Get microphones for speakers who have trouble projecting.
  • More live code examples. More prep and diversity¬†in panels.

Read on for more details.

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Thank You!


That’s a wrap! Yup, another weekend of WordPress is behind us. This year we brought together over 400 attendees and 50 speakers for two days of WordPress goodness. A great big thanks to all of our speakers, sponsors, volunteers, organizers, and attendees. #WCTO wouldn’t be possible without your involvement!

How did we do?

Please take a few minutes and fill out our feedback survey. (It would mean the world to us!) We’ll publish the results on the site and use the data to guide future WordCamps.

Take The Survey

What’s next?

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Code Reviews and Site Clinics

Site clinics and code reviews have been finalized from Saturday’s sign-up list!

Please look up your name and arrive 5 minutes ahead of your time slot. In consideration of your fellow attendees, please limit your time to 15 minutes.

Code reviews are in the morning (11 – 1) and Site clinics are in the afternoon (2 – 4).

All reviews and clinics are in the “fishbowl” rooms near the Happiness Bar (near the coffee table) in the common area.

Code Reviews
11:00 PJ Wade
11:15 Mary Watson
11:30 Alex Coleman
11:45 Sean Alten
12:00 Nick Bornino
12:15 Daniela
12:30 Matt
Site Clinics
14:00 Mary Wales 14:00 Sherri Telenko
14:15 Christine Forber 14:15 Cyndi
14:30 Carin Harris 14:30 Janine Gliener
14:45 Kristin Calkins 14:45 Amar Sandhu
15:00 Joel Jacobs 15:00 Yvonne Berg
15:15 Colin Murray 15:15 Jenn Takaoka
15:30 Kaiser Nawaz 15:30 Jeremy
15:45 Bill Charters

We’ve sold out! But wait…

WE SOLD OUT!¬†There was a mad rush of registrations this morning. 30+ tickets sold out in less than 10 minutes. (Pretty crazy, eh? I think that’s a first!)

But we’re not done just yet. Oh no.¬†We’ve added another 25 tickets for folks to grab. There’s no telling how long these’ll last though,¬†so register quickly if you want to attend! (We may not be able to squeeze more folks in after this.)

Good Luck!

We’ve Got A Schedule!

WordCamp Toronto 2015 Schedule

With a little over a week to go we’ve finally locked down the¬†schedule for WordCamp Toronto 2015. This year we’ve got a¬†weekend¬†packed full of¬†informative sessions, case studies, hands-on workshops, discussion panels, and multiple¬†perspectives¬†on similar issues.

Will sessions be recorded?

Video has been a massive pain point for our event over the last five years. While we’ve been able to record sessions in the past, the quality has been poor, and following through on editing has been challenging.

We’re thrilled to have Pasada Media providing A/V support for 2015, including¬†editing. High-five Pasada’s Greg Mount (co-organizer) and his team of volunteers (working the cameras) when you see them!

View the WordCamp schedule