Featured Speaker: Joe Rozsa

“I’ve been a designer all of my professional career. I came up through the world of print and still prefer it over designing for the web. But since the internet doesn’t seem to be going away, I knew I had to adapt to design for it as well. I own my own graphic design studio called Trailer Trash Design where we specialize in branding start-ups, small and medium sized companies. Our ability to offer everything from logo design and brand development to web design and e-marketing strategies makes us the perfect one-stop studio.”

Presentation: Pages vs. Posts – The Mystery Is Solved!

“I decided to present this topic knowing that from conversations with new WordPress users, that there was a lot of confusion about pages and posts. There where lots of why and when and how questions. I think the most frustrating things to new users of WordPress is that they weren’t properly shown how things work. So I hope to fix that a little bit.”

What unique perspective are you bringing to this talk?

“I present in plain english and to me, no question is a bad question. I’ve been a new user, a self-taught one at that so I know how frustrating and confusing it can be.”

What’s one really cool thing people will discover during your session?

In my session… I hope to have attendees experience that “ah-ha” moment when they realize the difference between post and pages. Or maybe it will be that the Scooby Snacks we’ll enjoying during the session are really, really good.”

What are you most looking forward to at WordCamp Toronto?

“But what I’m MOST looking forward to is re-connecting with old friends and acquaintances that I only get to see once a year!”