Featured Speaker: Jonathan Perlman

Jonathan Perlman is an experienced web developer and teacher that works for Dawson College in Montreal, Quebec. He builds custom web solutions for the students, faculty and staff. Recently he’s been leveraging WordPress more and more to do the heavy lifting while focusing on the needs of the institution with custom themes and plugins. Some of his sites have been built for a select few whereas others are visited by 12,000+ applicants.

Presentation: On The Move – Migration Made Simple

“I’m primarily a developer but lately I’ve been doing more and more of the server level configuration and site setup. I’m a big proponent of working in a development first and not cowboy coding. I have to migrate sites on a regular basis and I’d like to help demystify some of the issues about moving a WordPress site.”

What unique perspective will you bring to this talk?

“I’m assuming people know very little about moving WordPress sites and I’ll be taking them from the beginning and explaining topics that aren’t frequently talked about at WordCamps.”

What are you most looking forward to at WordCamp Toronto?

“WordCamp Toronto 2013 was when I started with the community. I was overwhelmed. Now that I’m less green about camps, I’ll be able to relax and really enjoy it.”

What’s one really cool thing people will discover during your session?

“Being able to migrate and sync media from one site to the other.”