Zeitguys Inc.

Zeitguys inc. is a digital design studio that provides creative direction, thought leadership, user experience design, and multi-disciplinary development of code and graphics for print, web and digital media.

We are teachers and explorers. We would rather teach than tell. We prefer open source to closed. We don’t hire rock stars, ninjas or divas. We know how to say “no” but prefer saying “yes”. We don’t have a receptionist: everyone can take your call and will enjoy talking with you. We like to listen and learn. Our advice is free.

Note from the organizers:

We’re thrilled to have the talented team at Zeitguys providing design work for WordCamp Toronto this year. They are responsible for our 2015 logo, signage, and badges.

Additionally, Zeitguys partner Tom Auger was responsible for coordinating our speakers, schedule, and catering, in addition to leading a Sunday workshop and hosting the majority of our organizer meetings.

A huge thanks to Zeitguys for their ongoing support of Toronto’s WordPress community!